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Check here weekly for news and notes concerning the life of the Naperville North High School Girls' Cross-Country and Distance Track Program. Information on this site should answer many of your questions, but you should always feel free to e-mail Mr. Iverson at
Here is the link for  Dyestat, and it features results from around the country.

Here is another MileSplit Illinois, and it has some really good coverage of the sport in the state and nationally as well.

Finally, ILXCTF.com is a site run by reporter Mike Newman that keeps detailed coverage of Illinois results and rankings.

Both these sites feature lots of race results, plus good general coverage of the sport in Illinois and throughout the country.

Training shoes and racing spikes can be purchased at Naperville Running Company (in downtown Naperville) as well as at Dick Pond Shoes (in Lisle).  As you have questions about shoes, please be sure to ask!
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Last Updated on: July 15, 2018
Welcome to July!
As the weather heats up, so do our daily opportunities to get better! It is vital that we take advantage of every opportunity during the month of July to ensure that we are getting better, both as individuals and as a team. If you are at a loss for how best to improve this month, please talk to a coach, a teammate or consult your XC book. All will provide you with good ideas of how best to improve this month. In case you need to be reminded of how each week will be structured, here is the daily schedule:

Monday -- XC Camp -- long run on the Riverwalk
Tuesday -- Yoga in the wrestling gym and run on your own
Wednesday -- Workout at Prairie School or Goodrich Woods
Thursday -- Strength, Balance and Form workout on the track
Friday -- Game Day and Team Breakfast afterwards

The camp lasts until July 27th, but perfect attendance is NOT a requirement. We want everyone to come into cross-country fit, excited and ready to go!

Naperville North Girls' Cross Country
Upcoming Stuff to Know...
Click HERE to go to the schedule page for all the upcoming dates and times to know...
Summer of 2018...
Summer Camp will be at North Central College from June 11th through July 27th

Please send your tent (if you have one) to camp by Monday, July 23rd at the latest!

The Great Lakes Relay will be the weekend of July 20-22nd.
HERE is the itinerary for the weekend!
HERE are the teams and leg assignments for GLR!

Camping trip money and forms are due by the last day of camp (July 27th). They are welcome early, though!

We will be working at the Naperville Sprint Triathlon on the weekend of August 4th and 5th. We need everyone available from 9-noon on Saturday and from 6am-noon on Sunday. This is how we raise money for our trip to Iowa.

Please check back here periodically information becomes available. Parents -- if you would like to be on our XC e-mail list, please e-mail Mr. Iverson. If you know of any family who is interested and should be on the list, please also send that information as well!

Are you getting enough IRON?
The local agencies who have made it possible to get ferritin tests without going first to the doctor have now changed their policies so that they will not test people under 18.  One organization, Accesa Labs, does provide an option to request the test on-line.  You need to sign up for an account, requesting the test and the reason for it (i.e. she is a distance runner concerned that her iron stores are healthy).  Apparently, this is now working well, so please go for it!

Of course, you always have the option of going straight to the doctor but, in the absence of symptoms, sometimes primary care physicians are reluctant to order that test.  I would still argue that regular ferritin tests are extremely important for young women runners to obtain.

Please check out this letter from Mr. Iverson on regular serum ferritin tests...

HERE is a Guide that allows you to track the amount of iron you're getting in food regularly!  PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!!!
Athletes and parents -- It is a good thing to remind us each of the importance of iron in our diets.  Anemia is a common affliction that runners can face.  Anemia is the lack of iron in the blood.  When one's blood is iron-poor, it robs the red blood cells of the ability to carry oxygen to the muscles.  This causes significant and sometimes severe fatigue and, at minimum, makes it impossible to perform as a runner at anything like your best.  Therefore, it is best to make sure that your diet includes a tremendous amount of natural iron ALL THE TIME.

CANVAS -- Get your logs in!
Canvas logbooks will be expected to be turned in throughout the summer.  IT IS MANADATORY IF YOU WISH TO RECEIVE SUMMER T-SHIRTS.  Freshmen will be given their logins during the first week of camp.  This will be a great way to track your progress, and it is an important habit to get into.  We anticipate no further major issues with Canvas, but should one occur, a copy of the season log can be found here in case you need it.  If you absolutely cannot submit via Canvas, you may do it over e-mail.  LOGS ARE DUE BY SUNDAY NIGHT OF EACH WEEK!
Follow Mr. Iverson on Twitter (@iversondan) for real time updates to the season calendar as they happen.  They will be posted here, too.

Landscaping the Cross Country Course!
We need YOUR help to landscape our course on campus at NNHS. We hope to do our first installation late this spring or early in the summer, so that, by the time Twilight rolls around again, the course will look increasingly like the cross-country paradise we want it to be!
HERE is the listing of needed plants.
HERE is the up-to-date list of what has been dontated.
HERE is the overall plan.
If you are interested, please e-mail Mr. Iverson ASAP to pledge your plant. Checks can be made to "NNHS" and delivered to the Athletic Office.